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Experience the new (hands-free) A.I powered massage retreat.
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Using our bionic intelligent detection system we scan your body, providing you with a fully immersive experience.
Intelligent Massage Retreat COVID-19 Safe
Swedish, Shiatsu, Kneading, tapping, we've got a program for you
Intelligent Massage Retreat COVID-19 Safe

Imagine 5 people massaging you

See what we can do in just 30 minutes. We have programs designed for
  • Pure Relaxation

    Stimulating the lymphatic system provides energy, keeps you healthy and helps you rest. Flush away your toxins and see how relaxed you feel after a 30 minute session.

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  • Stress Relief

    Without relaxation, stress levels can increase causing anxiety, tension build-up and muscular knots. Feel the surge of feel-good endorphins release with a 30 minute session.

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  • Aches & Pains

    After you exercise, the next day your muscles will probably ache. Increase your blood circulation and experience your tight, painful muscles relax with a 30 minute session.

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Our AI technology adapts to your body.

The massage chair has built in sensors that will precisely detect your body type and spine length, adjusting roller settings to ensure that the chair targets the areas that need a firm, relaxing massage.
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Premium Japanese features

The zero gravity experience of the massage chair promotes overall well-being, reducing your heart rate, soothing stress and calming both the body and mind for a one of a kind relaxation experience.


Our foot roller technology adds reflexology. As your back and legs are massaged by the chair, the foot roller will gently activate pressure points on your soles to improve blood flow and provide soothing comfort.

Deep Tissue

The deep, kneading motion of the 3-layer massage airbags mimics the motion of human hands to promote circulation, leaving you feeling refreshed and alive.


The squeezing motion of powerful airbags acts like the hands of a licensed masseuse to deliver an invigorating massage that rolls out tension and revives your body.

Flex Stretch

It grabs the shoulder and the foot with it's powerful airbags and makes smart see-saw movements to stretch your body, increase spine flexibility and ease breathing.

You’ll receive a massage experience that is just right for you - you won't want to leave.

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