Evoke your senses whilst receiving your massage gazing over the Lake Tanganyika

Incorporating the very latest Japanese massage chair technology, our Seychelles massage chairs will bring the relaxation into everyday living. It’s state-of-the-art, slow motion back rollers are specially designed to work on those hard to reach spots on the back, neck, shoulders and glutes, relaxing the tight and painful muscles.

Premium features

The deep, kneading motion of the 3-layer massage airbags mimics the motion of human hands to promote circulation, leaving you feeling refreshed, and alive.


Our VIP course focuses on the part of the body that tend to get stiff. The chair offers a high quality relaxation time and helps reduce muscle tension.

Night Healing

Our night healing course offers an effective and relaxing stretch and massage before bedtime. It loosens your whole body that leads to relaxation and helps maintain a good quality sleeping position that is comfortable.


Our foot roller technology adds reflexology. As your back and legs are massaged by the chair, the foot roller will gently activate pressure points on your soles to improve blood flow and provide soothing comfort.

Air Massage

Air massage brings you comfort by repeatedly pressing and releasing – Envelop your body with 31 airbags to relieve all the accumulated fatigue. It is equipped with the feature that allows you to adjust the strength for each body part as per your comfort.

Spot Concentration

Concentrates on the specific areas such as the stiffness around your neck and shoulders or your back and waist caused by desk work or lack of exercise.

Swing Stretch

The whole body is held in place with airbags - it is carefully stretched as the body and the back and legs are moved up and down simultaneously - the legs, knees and feet are extended and pulled down to firmly stretch each part.

Massage Skills

  • Core Technique

    Shoulders and both the arms are grabbed from outside while the stiffness around the shoulder blades is thoroughly loosened. Airbags softly pressure your waist and pelvis to stretch and loosen muscles - it is essential to take care of your core to maintain your body's balance and posture.

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  • Stretch Rolling

    Stretch rolling is used to loosen the skin, release muscle tension, decrease pain and increase flexibility.

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  • Kneading

    A variety of kneading techniques are available that have been tailored to match your neck, shoulders, back and hips. It concentrates on those specific areas such as the stiffness around your neck and shoulders or the fatigue in your back and waist caused by desk work or lack of exercise.

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